That Thing You Get
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The reunion movie that faithful fans are waiting for!

For a pdf file of a relatively polished first draft script  - of a projected sequel/reunion of the film 'That Thing You Do!' - click here.   Feedback accepted at

I'm Kyle Keilman, and I worked on the original 'That Thing You Do!' as a crewmember in 1995-96.  Even then, ideas for a sequel were coming into my head, and late in the last decade I finished and registered the full script with the WGA. Obviously, very few people could get this film into development, and though polite, the folks at Playtone firmly say they are not interested in making a sequel.

So, here it is. To give a few hints: This script has most of the characters from the original. It is set in LA, 11 years later, in the year 1975.  It is very faithful to the original concept as written by the screenwriter of the first film, Mr. Hanks, and is based on his 2007 'Extended Cut'. 

This time, Lenny teaches Faye to play electric guitar and, backed by him, her husband Guy and bassist 'T.B. Player', she becomes one of the first women singer/songwriters with attitude on stage in the rock scene of the 70's. 

Meanwhile, Guy's former girlfriend Tina, having divorced the two-timing dentist, arrives in LA with an agenda to get Guy back, much to Faye's dismay. And to further complicate matters, previous manager Mr. White notices a listing for 'The Faye Dolan Band' and shows up at their gig with the once lead singer of 'The Wonders', Faye's ex Jimmy, who confronts her backstage.

This time, it's not what you do... it's what you get. I had fun writing this, and I hope you enjoy.
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